Resources Guide

Rio Grand Dept. Of Social Services: 719-657-3381 (Family and child services, Medicaid, TANF, LEAP, etc.)

SLV Behavioral Health Group: 719-589-3671 (24 hour emergency hotline, counseling, substance abuse support and resources)

Del Norte Head Start: 719-657-3101

Rio Grande Public Health Nurse: 719-657-3352 (Vaccinations/health)

Workforce: 719-852-5171 (job assistance)

Crossroads Turning Point: 719-589-5176 (Detox and substance abuse counseling)

La Puente: 719-587-3781 (emergency shelter, emergency financial support community outreach)

Tu Casa: 719-589-2465 (domestic violence support, shelter and counseling)

Adult G.E.D. - Byron Syring Delta Center - 719-852-2212

Parent Resource for drugs and alcohol -

For more information regarding local resources available to you please contact Kathleen Bell - K-12 Community Liaison at Del Norte Consolidated School District - 719-657-4040 Ext: 1006